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Our BHP Charter value of Sustainability is core to our strategy and integrated into everything we do.

Our sustainability approach

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We put health and safety first, we are environmentally responsible, we respect human rights, and we support host communities.?

Governance of sustainability

We believe high standards of governance are critical to delivering on our strategy, creating long-term value and maintaining our social license to operate.

Our Board oversees our sustainability approach, with the Board’s Sustainability Committee assisting with governance and monitoring and the Board’s Risk and Audit Committee assisting with overseeing the Group’s systems of risk management.

We make sure we get the best advice when making decisions that could impact sustainability. The BHP Forum on Corporate Responsibility is a key tenet of our stakeholder engagement program.

Applying our sustainability approach

In applying our sustainability approach, the daily activities and decisions of the Company are supported by the mandatory minimum performance requirements articulated in Our Requirements standards. These standards are the foundation for developing and implementing management systems at our operations.

Managing risk

We identify and manage material risks across our business activities, functions and processes through our Risk Management standard. This is a Company-wide standard that allows us to consistently apply a risk-based approach to sustainability.

All material risks to our business are assessed with consideration of the potential health, safety, environmental, community, reputational, legal and financial impacts. By embedding risk management into our work processes and critical business systems, we ensure our decision-making is based on valid data.

Working with integrity

We are committed to doing what is right and establishing systems, processes and behaviors that guarantee we deliver on that commitment.

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We are committed to the highest level of governance and strive to foster a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and respect for others.

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Our people

To achieve success in a business diversified by commodity, geography and market, we require talented, diverse and inclusive teams that reflect our local communities.

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Health and safety

The health and safety of our workforce and the communities in which we operate is our first priority.

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Environmental management

Our approach to environmental management is based on the robust identification, assessment and control of material risks across all phases of our business.

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Climate change

We believe the world must pursue the twin objectives of limiting climate change to the lower end of the IPCC emission scenarios in line with current international agreements, while providing access to reliable and affordable energy to support economic development and improved living standards.

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Community and social engagement

We are committed to contributing to society through engagement and advocacy on important issues and by supporting targeted development areas to benefit the communities where we operate.

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Indigenous Peoples

The long-term nature of our operations allows us to establish long-lasting relationships with the Indigenous communities in which we operate and those neighbouring our operations.

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Respecting human rights and UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

Respect for human rights is critical to the sustainability of our business.

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Anti-corruption compliance

We are determined to play a significant role in the global fight against corruption in the resources industry

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Tax and transparency

Our business model is premised on trust. To earn this trust, we are dedicated to becoming a global leader in transparency.

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Closure planning

Closure planning touches many areas of our business and is an important consideration throughout the life cycle of our operations.

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Product stewardship

Our operations produce materials that contribute directly to the growth of cities and communities across the world and are crucial to the economic and social development of society.

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Regulatory information

We are committed to high ethical business practices and governance standards. We provide detailed operational, environmental and community information for our local communities and key government stakeholders.

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BHP Sustainability Reports

Through our annual Sustainability Reports we are accountable to our stakeholder for our sustainability performance.

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Sustainability case studies

Sustainable development in action.

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Non-operated Joint Ventures

BHP holds interests in companies and joint ventures that we do not operate. We engage with our joint venture partners around sustainable development through formal governance structures and technical exchanges.

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Dams and tailings Management

Tailings dams require continuous monitoring and maintenance, our focus is on risk identification, governance and monitoring programs.

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Our Requirements standards

Our global operated assets, Marketing and Supply and functions have clear accountabilities approved by the Company's Executive Leadership Team. Our Requirements (previously Group Level Documents (GLDs)) give effect to these accountabilities and outline the minimum requirements for all of the organisation. Although these documents are for internal use we have made the HSEC-related elements of several of Our Requirements publically available where we believe they clarify our management approach; and/or where there is a broader community or industry benefit.

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